• "Personalized Learning in the Middle Grades: a guide for classroom teachers and school leaders", by Penny A. Bishop, John M. Downes and Katy Farber

    Thank you for a successful the Middle Grades Institute!

    We appreciate all the educators and school leaders who put the time in on this year's MGI. Hard work and well worth it.

    Have a great summer!

Transforming schools, transforming learning, transforming futures

In this pivotal moment when our education system is open to transformation, our partnerships, research, and communications are improving the learning lives of young adolescents.

What We Offer Partner Schools

In exchange for their commitment to a new vision for teaching and learning, we offer partner schools intensive professional development, leadership preparation and planning, and innovative technologies grants — all free of charge.

The Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education is made possible by funding from the Richard E. and Deborah L. Tarrant Foundation.






Our partnerships with middle schools blend effective professional development, best middle grades practices, and innovative technologies to foster sustainable school-wide change.

Through our multi-year partnerships, co-constructed with teacher leadership teams and administrators, we drive change across our partnerships and beyond.

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Our research and dissemination program provides scholarly deep dives into the complicated work unfolding across a wide range of Vermont schools.

We’ve produced more than 200 journal articles, papers, chapters and presentations about students and teachers creating more engaging, responsive, student-directed classrooms. 

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