Since 2006, the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education has supported technology integration in middle schools as a means of increasing student engagement and decreasing drop-out rates here in Vermont.

Current Partner Schools

  • Burke Town School (West Burke VT)
  • Cabot School (Cabot VT)
  • Colchester Middle School (Colchester VT)
  • The College of Education and Social Services (University of Vermont)
  • The Compass School (Westminster VT)
  • Crossett Brook Middle School (Duxbury VT)
  • Currier Memorial School (Currier VT)
  • The Dorset School (Dorset VT)
  • Flood Brook Middle School (Flood Brook VT)
  • Hartford Ottauquechee (Ottauquechee VT)
  • Hazen Union Middle/High School (Hardwick VT)
  • Lamoille Union Middle School (Hyde Park VT)
  • Leland & Gray (Townshend VT)
  • Manchester Elementary/Middle School (Manchester Center VT)
  • Mater Christi School (Burlington VT)
  • Mettawee Community School (West Pawlet VT)
  • Proctor Elementary School (Proctor VT)
  • Proctor High School (Proctor VT)
  • Randolph Union Middle/High School (Randolph VT)
  • Rutland Town School (Rutland VT)
  • Shelburne Community School (Shelburne VT)
  • Stowe Middle School (Stowe VT)
  • Sunderland School (Sunderland VT)
  • Tuttle Middle School (South Burlington VT)
  • Warren Elementary School (Warren VT)
  • West Rutland School (Rutland VT)
  • Winooski Middle/High School (Winooski VT)
  • WRVSU Bethel (Bethel VT)
  • WRVSU Tunbridge (Tunbridge VT)
  • WRVSU Newtown (Newtown VT)
  • WRVSU South Royalton (South Royalton VT)

Our Impact

Since 2010, we've worked with more than 50 middle schools around Vermont, impacting the lives of more than 4,000 students statewide.