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Since 2009, we have partnered with nearly 60 schools across Vermont to engage young adolescents in meaningful learning. Our approach blends effective professional development, best middle grades practices, and innovative technologies to foster sustainable school-wide change. These multi-year partnerships are co-constructed with teacher leadership teams and administrators to generate bold and innovative practices. 

We deepen and amplify the hard work of our partnerships through our communications and research programs, including more than 600 blog posts and 200 presentations and publications.

With passage in 2013 of Vermont’s Act 77, the Flexible Pathways Initiative, our work has focussed extensively on helping our partner schools implement personalized learning through personal learning plans, personally meaningful learning opportunities, and proficiency-based assessment.

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Student-centered, technology-rich, innovative school change

Here are a few examples of what some Vermont middle schools have been able to accomplish through partnering with us:

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Who are our partner schools?

We support partner schools with tech-rich, on-site professional development and provide funding for technology innovations. See our current partners.