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In CESS, “making a difference” is more than just a catchy tag line. Our students engage deeply with the world around them in authentic and meaningful ways. Here are just a few of the many opportunities you can embrace while studying in our college.

New Zealand

Elementary Education and Middle Level Education undergraduate students to participate in a full semester of coursework at Auckland University of Technology (AUT), along with an internship in a local school in New Zealand. There is also a two-week opportunity for graduate students in the Middle Level Education master’s degree program. Please email Ellen Baker for more information.

"Teaching in New Zealand was such an enriching experience. I learned so much about the differences in our ways of schooling, and I took back so much knowledge to introduce in classrooms in the U.S."  Deanna Rodolfy ‘14

Portugal and the Azores

In the Azores of Portugal, visit local schools and social service agencies while exploring their progressive approach to public health. To learn more, please contact Shana Haines or Jessica Strolin-Goltzman.

“The Azores trip was an amazing experience. It opened my interest even further for working with children, and I was in awe over some of the progressive ways they handle child protection."  Xochi Calero '19

Finland - Two Options

At Oulu Applied Sciences University (OAK), join an interdisciplinary team of students from education, business, and computer science to tackle complex problems through the development of new educational technology. Email Kieran Killeen if you're interested.

In Helsinki and Oulu, discover how the arts are embedded in the Finnish education system. Travel to Helsinki and Oulu, explore museums and galleries, tour schools and artists' studios, attend performances, participate in hands-on creative workshops, and experience Finnish culture. Email Erika White or Kelly Mancini Becker to learn more.

"Our trip to Finland was one of the greatest experiences I could hope to have to better my future teaching career. Many moments from the trip are ones that I look back on as a reference from my studies and outlook on education."  Ashley Bertolino '20


In Hawai’i, visit Native Hawai’ian culture and language immersion schools while exploring the role of sustainability and voyaging as key aspects of students’ identity. To learn more, please email Penny Bishop.


In England, learn alongside a veteran teacher in a fully inclusive elementary school designed to include all children in the community, including those with the most complex needs. Please email Jennifer Stratton for more information.


Email Juliet Halladay to learn more about exciting our new study abroad opporunity in France.

Water reflection at dusk in Helsinki, Finland

Other Opportunities

You may also explore many other study abroad opportunities by visiting UVM's Office of International Education website.

Financial Assistance

Learn about financial aid and scholarships available for studying abroad.

Need Help?

Your CESS faculty advisor will be happy to guide you in your exploration of global study opportunities.  You can also contact our Student Services Office at cessstsv@uvm.edu.