• CDCI Executive Director Jesse Suter shares a poster on the history of supported employment in Vermont at the 2023 AUCD National Conference, in Washington D.C.

  • Autism researcher and self-advocate Michael Shor presented a poster on autistic engagement in healthcare research at the 2023 AUCD National Conference.

  • CDCI Community Services coordinator Adrienne Miao presents the poster "Show Me the Disability Data" at the 2022 AUCD National Conference.

  • CDCI graduate research associate Justin MH Salisbury addresses a poster session at the 2022 AUCD National Conference. Salisbury was presenting work related to The Vermonter Poll.

  • Dr. Valerie Wood and CDCI graduate research associate Justin MH Salisbury presented posters at the 2022 CESS Research Symposium, in Burlington VT.


We share three kinds of research:

  • Research Study Findings
  • Research Summaries
  • Data Briefs

As of 2023, we will be making all our publications available in text, HTML, and audio format. We are also currently creating plain-language versions of all our research study findings. 

If you are looking for the plain-language version of any of our past publications, please contact us.

Research Study Findings

We make the findings of our research studies available as full results online, as well as research summaries. 

Recent Research Study Findings


Research Summaries

We publish two kinds of Research Summaries: Recommended Research and CDCI Research.

Types of Research Summaries
Recommended ResearchCDCI Research
Plain-language summaries of research done by people outside of CDCI. We share articles that we think are important to disability studies.Plain-language summaries of research we do here at CDCI.


  1. Video Abstracts and Plain-Language Summaries Help Make Research Accessible
  2. "All About the Center for Autism Services and Transition (CAST) Model" (.pdf)
  3. Bias Against Autistic People in Traditional Job Interviews
  4. A Survey of Autistic Employees' Preferences for Workplace Accommodations in Poland


  1. Accessibility: It's A Work in Progress
  2. The Vermonter Poll: First Findings
  3. Show Me the Disability Data: an ongoing conversation about the questions we ask
  4. "RISE-VT: Supporting How Restorative Approaches Get Used in Vermont Schools" (.pdf)


Data Briefs

Data Briefs are straightforward summaries of a topic, supported by references and data.

Recent Data Briefs: