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Relevant, accessible disability research,
with real-world impact

We conduct research and provide evaluation services to connect the dots between best practices for disability advocacy and the real world.

We share research as narrated videos, plain-text .pdfs, and illustrated guides.

We share research in plain language. Research that we conduct, as well as research done by other institutions that we think makes a difference. 

Recent Research

  • CDCI Research in Brief

    "Parents' Perspectives on Experiences of Suspension and Expulsion from Early Childhood Settings"

    This is a research study the CDCI conducted with parents of children with disabilities here in Vermont. The researchers looked into the families' experiences of suspension and expulsion in early childhood education settings -- daycares and pre-schools. Dr. Valerie F. Wood takes you through what this study was about, along with Methods, Findings, and Discussion.


Recent Publications & Presentations

  • Giangreco, M. F. (2021). Maslow's hammer: Teacher assistant research and inclusive practices at a crossroads. 

  • Salisbury, J. M. H. (2021). Client-centered therapy versus rational emotive behavior therapy: Applications in adjustment-to-blindness training. 

  • Chopra, R. V., & Giangreco, M. F. (2019). Effective use of teacher assistants in inclusive classrooms. 


For questions about accessibility on any of our research materials, please contact Audrey Homan at choman@uvm.edu, or via this online form.