We publish research summaries that describe recently published studies and articles from the field of developmental disabilities. Our goal is to explain what the publication was about and how it impacts our field and community. We hope these RAP summaries give practitioners new ideas to apply in the field. Please take a look at the summaries below, and feel free to print and share them.

Perspectives of Students with Intellectual Disabilities about their Experiences with Paraprofessional Support

Summarized by Jeanne Nauheimer and Emma Nelson, CDCI (November 2014)

Summary of: Broer, S. M., Doyle, M. B., & Giangreco, M. F. (2005). Perspectives of students with intellectual disabilities about their experiences with paraprofessional support. Exceptional Children, 71(4), 415-430. Full Text Available in PDF Format. Posted with permission of the Council for Exceptional Children www.cec.sped.org

Roles of Team Members Supporting Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms

Summarized by Emma Nelson and Lisa Woodward, CDCI (April 2015)

Summary of: Giangreco, M. F., Suter, J. C., & Graf, V. (2011). Roles of team members supporting students with disabilities in inclusive classrooms. In M. F. Giangreco, C. J. Cloninger, & V. S. Iverson, Choosing outcomes and accommodations for children: A guide to educational planning for students with disabilities (3rd. ed., pp. 197-204). Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes.

Talking the Language of the Hands to the Hands

Summarized by Barbara Miles, Emma Nelson, and René Pellerin (June 2016)

Summary of: Miles, B. (2003). Talking the language of the hands to the hands. DB-Link: The National Information Clearinghouse on Children Who Are Deaf-Blind. Monmouth, Oregon. Retrieved: documents.nationaldb.org/products/hands.pdf

Overcoming Weight Problems in Adults with Down Syndrome

Summarized by Jeanne Nauheimer and Mattie Alpaugh (January 2017)

Summary of: Wong, C., Dwyer, J., & Holland, M. (2014). Overcoming weight problems in adults with Down syndrome. Nutrition Today, 49(3), 109-119.