A quartet: three images and a piece of text. First, a Black woman sits at the back of a reading circle, watching as toddlers participate in a book being read by a kneeling woman of color. Next, a very young blonde girl peers into the screen of an assistive device, pointing at something on the screen. She wears a hot pink down vest, a white tshirt, and a shell-pink hearing aid tucked behind one ear. And then a young white boy stands in front of a chalkboard, smiling proudly and signing the ASL 'i'.

Consultation for Access, Resources, and Equipment Support for students who are d/Deaf, hard of hearing, or deafblind (DHHDB)

Working collaboratively with school teams to build capacity, and support access for students ages 3-22 with hearing loss.

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CDCI CARES increases school teams’ capacity to identify and meet the unique access needs of students who are DHHDB. 

Grant funding from the AOE makes it possible for Consultation and TA to be provided at no charge to all public schools in Vermont. Assessments, evaluations and counseling are provided for a fee of $140/hr. The CDCI CARES Team serves the entire state of Vermont, with our main office located at the University of Vermont's Center on Disability and Community Inclusion (CDCI).

"The team has been part of my child's life for years, and we appreciate everything they have done to support us along this journey! We feel so very lucky to have had the honor of working with them."

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