Physicists are problem solvers. The analytical skills they learn make them versatile and adaptable. The undergraduate physics program at UVM will provide you with a deep foundation of knowledge and practical experience which will prepare you for any field.

Although many of our graduates continue their careers in physics or astronomy, a degree in physics also offers preparation for careers in such areas as industrial research and development, engineering, environmental sciences, medical physics, geophysics, oceanography, computer science and energy resource management. It’s also an ideal preparation for entering professional schools such as medicine, law, teaching, engineering, or business management. The department’s minor concentration in physics or astronomy are excellent complements to degrees in engineering, related sciences or other fields. In fact, because of the broad interdisciplinary focus of the College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate program, political science majors are equipped with a broad range of transferable skills that prepare them for success in any profession.

  • Ph.D. Candidate a Goldwater Scholar

    Isabel Kloumann was named a 2009 Goldwater Scholar, selected on the basis of academic merit from a field of typically over one thousand mathematics, science, and engineering students nominated by the faculties of colleges and universities nationwide. Goldwater Scholars have very impressive academic qualifications that have garnered the attention of prestigious post-graduate fellowship programs. Recent Goldwater Scholars have been awarded 73 Rhodes Scholarships, 102 Marshall Awards (7 of the 40 awarded in the United States in 2009), and numerous other distinguished fellowships. Kloumann is currently working toward a Ph.D. at Cornell University where she specializes in game theory and dynamical systems.

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UVM physicists in technology focused companies

  • Applied Physics Lab (Johns Hopkins) -- TJ Howard
  • BioTek Instruments -- Jerry Gormley
  • Brion Technologies -- Rafael Howell
  • Bruker Nano -- Sean Hand
  • Coherent -- Paul Mark
  • Foley & Lardner --Thomas Bilodeau
  • GE Healthcare -- Konstantin Afanasyev, Alena Mernicky
  • Google -- Tony VoellmHighRes Biosolutions -- Ira Hoffman
  • IBM -- Yanting Zhang, Ian Goyette, Adam McPadden, Frances Clougherty, Chris Muzzy
  • Intel -- Ishviene Cour
  • JEOL USA -- Shaun Benjamin
  • Lockheed-Martin -- Andrew Winkler
  • LORD Microstrain Sensing Systems -- Jonathan Bessette
  • New Relic -- Kate Morrow
  • Phillips Healthcare -- Mark Ward
  • Pratt and Whitney -- Adam Doherty
  • Radiator Labs -- Meg Sutton
  • Vermont Information Processing -- Kasey Hulvey, Evan Laird

UVM physicists as entrepreneurs

  • Juniper Networks -- Xiang Zhu
  • MicroGen Systems, founder -- Robert Andosca
  • Quantum optics start-up, Washington -- Charles Foell
  • Solar cell start-up, China -- Wenjun Zhao
  • Veeco Instruments -- Paul Low

UVM physicists in business & finance

  • Greenwoods Capital -- Justin Vagliano
  • Lazard Freres -- Binran Wang
  • Morgan Stanley Wealth Management -- Daniel Khalaf
  • EY -- James Morris
  • WW Norton -- Mateus Teixeira

UVM physicists in academia

Careers in Physics

UVM faculty and staff are active mentors, helping students in the department establish career paths after UVM. These additional resources provide a wealth of information on physics careers -- job listings on each refelct the wide range of opportunities in the field today.

Careers in Physics 

Physics Today