Interim Director, Center for Biomedical Innovation

Born in the North Bronx, educated at Brown and Northwestern, I’ve spent most of my work life as a biomedical engineer in academia and research-oriented medical centers. I’ve shifted over five decades from research (human motor control and electrophysiology) into product design, primarily for people with disabilities. A CEMS capstone project I co-mentored from 2008 to 2011 birthed E.A.S.Y. LLC, a start-up that develops and markets tactile graphics technology for the blind. Hands-on engineering design courses have been my teaching specialty, beginning at MIT in ME and leading to the development and teaching of SEED at UVM. My own hands have stayed busy in Vermont for over a decade building a two-place sport aircraft and street rod roadster fashioned after a 1925 Model T.


"Method for Selecting Communication Devices for Non-Speaking Patients".
Inventors: Rosen, M.J. and Goodenough-Trepagnier, C.; assignees: New
England Medical Center and MIT.
US patent number: 4,969,096; date issued: November 6, 1990.

"Multiple Degree of Freedom Damped Hand Controls".
Inventor: Rosen, M.J.; assignee: MIT.
US patent number 5,107,080; date issued: April 21, 1992.

"Whole-Arm Orthosis for Steadying Limb Motion".
Inventors: Rosen, M.J. and Baiges, I.
US patent number 5, 231,998; date issued: April 20, 1993.

"A User-Propelled Walking Apparatus".
Inventors: Durham; K.E.; Alphonso; E.; Chen; J.; Davis; P.G.; Dillon, III, J.
T. R.; Kambeyanda; D.M.; Kumar; Y.; Raj; T.A.; Rosen; M.J.
US patent number 5,732,964; date issued March 31, 1998.

“A Force-Sensing Orthotic Electric Device Controller”
Inventors: Rosen, M.J. and Hubbard, Sandra
US Patent number 8,244,655; date issued August 14, 2012

“Thermal Eraser for Tactile Drawings”,
Inventors: Rosen, MJ, Coleman, M, Coffee, J et al
US Patent number 9,403,401 B2; date issued August 2, 2016

“Systems for and Methods of Digital Recording and Reproduction of Tactile Drawings”
Inventors: Rosen, MJ, Coleman, M, Coffee, J et al
US Patent number 9,460,634; date issued October 4, 2016


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