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Marilyn J. Cipolla, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Acute brain injury and interventions related to ischemic
stroke and seizure


Primary Appointments

ProfileName & TitleArea of ExpertiseEmail

Mads Almassalkhi
Associate Professor
Graduate Program Director

Applications of control theory to power systems, optimization,model-predictive control, energy system modeling, power systems

Jackson Anderson, PhD Research Assistant Professor

Semiconductor devices, microfabrication, acoustic MEMS, ferroelectric

David Bernstein, PhD, Assistant Professor, Primary appointment EBE, Secondary appointment MMG


Sam Chevalier, PhD  Assistant Professor

Industry-relevant optimization and control strategies for renewable-based power grids, machine learning tools for saftey-critical engineering applications, and developing advanced data-driven modeling techniques for the power and engery sectors

Amber Doiron
Assistant Professor
Graduate Program Director

Biomaterials, Nanotechnology, Drug Delivery, Molecular Imaging, Magnetic Resonance
Luis Duffaut Espinosa
Assistant Professor
Systems, control and modeling of nonlinear systems, stochastic processes, algebraic combinatorics, power systems, quantum control, complex
Samantha Fox            LecturerBiomedical Engineering

Jeff Frolik

Wireless communications, sensor networks, coordination of distributed
Matthew Gallagher
Microcontrollers, progammable devices,
David Jangraw
Assistant Professor
Human Neuroimaging, Machine Learning, Brain-Computer Interfaces, EEG, fMRI, Eye

James Kay

Electronics, Sensing

Hamid Ossareh
Associate Professor

Systems and control theory, constrained and predictive control, applications of control theory to automotive and power
Amritanshu Pandey, PhD, Assistant Professor        Power and Energy
Mike Rosen
Interim Director,
Center for Biomedical Innovation
Control of human movement, assistive technology, design of systems and products, design

Tian Xia

Mixed Signal Circuit Design and Test, Adaptive Multifunctional Integrated Circuit Design, Reconfigurable Computing


Secondary Appointments and Affiliates

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Jason Bates

Pulmonary Disease & Critical Care

Josh Bongard

Evolutionary robotics, evolutionary computation, physical simulation

Nic Fiorentino
Assistant Professor

Biomechanics, orthopaedics, human motion, motion capture, multibody dynamic modeling, finite element modeling, biological tissue
Byung Lee

Byung S. Lee
Graduate Student Advisor

Database, data mining, data stream, query processing, event

Rachael Floreani
Associate Professor

Biomaterials, Polymer Chemistry, Tissue Engineering, Drug Delivery, Regenerative
Paul Hines
Electrical energy systems, cascading failure in power systems, complex networks and vulnerability, optimization, energy

Dev Majumdar, PhD
Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery

Systems immunology and genomics approaches to develop next-generation mRNA/LNP therapeutics &

Dustin Rand
Senior Lecturer

Power electronics, power systems, and renewable

Peter Spector

Cardiac Electrophysiology, Electrodes, Electrical recordings, Computational
David Warshaw, PhD Professor and Chair, Department of Molecular Physiology and BiophysicsCharacterizing the biophysics of the cell’s molecular motors that generate biological movement, ranging from muscle contractions to intracellular transport of insulin granules using single molecule imaging and force measuring

Daniel Weiss
Professor, Larner College of Medicine
Safwan Wshah
Assistant Professor
Graduate Student Advisor
Machine Learning, Image & Video Processing, Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Document Imaging & Digital Signal


Adjunct Faculty

ProfileName & TitleArea of ExpertiseEmail
Dr. Soumya Kundu
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Electrical charactaristics of thin film insulators, Sensors 



ProfileName & TitleArea of ExpertiseEmail
Kurt Oughstun
Electromagnetic and optical field theory, ultrawideband dispersive pulse propagation, linear and nonlinear optics, applied
 Steve TitcombElectrical charactaristics of thin film insulators, Sensors 
Walter VarhueWalter Varhue
Plasma processing of thin film