Matt Gallagher is a Lecturer in the Electrical and Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of Vermont. Holding a PhD in Physics from Dartmouth College, with a focus on non-linear fiber optics, he specializes in semiconductor devices and micro-circuit process integration in his teaching.

In collaboration with local employers, Matt ensures the curriculum remains relevant to semiconductor technology. He brings in outside experts, coordinates equipment donations, and facilitates connections for students' career options. Additionally, his expertise extends to embedded systems engineering, particularly in micro-controllers and programmable logic devices.

With a decade-long tenure at IBM Microelectronics in CMOS and bipolar technology development before joining UVM, Matt remains actively engaged in the Microelectronics industry. He spent two recent sabbaticals at imec in Leuven, Belgium, contributing to advancements in next-generation microchip technology.


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Lecturer Matt Gallagher

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Semiconductor process integration, semiconductor devices, lithography, micro-controllers, embedded systems.


  • Dartmouth College, PhD. Physics
  • University of Vermont, BS. Engineering Physics


Office Location:

Votey 379

Courses Taught

  • EE 3420 / PHYS 3165 Integrated Circuit Fabrication
  • EE 3440 / PHYS 3675 Semiconductor Devices and Materials
  • EE 3815 Microcontroller Systems
  • EE 2845 Digital Control with Embdded Systems
  • EE 1100 EE Principals and Design
  • EE 2185 Circuits Design Project
  • EE 2175 Electrreica,Circuits and Sensors
  • EE 106 Embedded Programming in C