Every year, CELO recognizes outstanding faculty, students, and community partners for their work in creating rigorous and reciprocal community-engaged learning opportunities for students that benefit communities in Vermont and beyond. We typically hold our annual awards reception in early April.  Learn more about our various awards and nomination criteria below.


CELO Award Nominations

Our awards nomination cycle typically opens in December, with nominations due in Februrary. We offer awards for faculty (two awards), students and community partners. We also occasionally give out special awards, as with our 2021 & 2022 community partner awards, which celebrated many partners for their creativity and generosity in continuing with partnerships during COVID. 

Faculty, staff, community partners and students are all welcome to make nominations, and CELO staff will work with nominees to provide supporting materials for review as appropriate. 


Lynne Bond Outstanding Service-Learning Faculty Award &
Outstanding New Community-Engaged Learning Faculty Award

Faculty are considered for these awards by nomination, and on the basis of the following:

  • Effective collaboration with community partners in development mutually beneficial projects or service
  • Successful integration of the experiential component so that it fulfills academic learning goals
  • Effective use of assignments that enable students to prepare for and learn from the experiential component (e.g. critical reflection)
  • Commitment to recognizing diverse perspectives as necessary to effective community engagement
  • Demonstrated commitment to community-engaged teaching and learning
  • Demonstrated commitment to UVM's Our Common Ground and land grant mission

Outstanding Community Partner Award

Community Partners of service-learning courses or undergraduate community-based research projects are considered for this award by nomination, and on the basis of the following:

  • The community partner’s active and effective collaboration in the development, design, implementation and/or evaluation of the service-learning project(s) or activities.
  • The opportunity for learning provided by the community partner to UVM students and faculty.
  • The community partner’s commitment to service-learning pedagogy.

Student Leadership in Community-Engaged Learning

Students (undergraduate and graduate) are considered for this award by nomination and on the basis of the following potential attributes:

  • Achievement of excellence in connecting the service-learning experience to course learning goals, demonstrating enhancement of academic learning,
  • Demonstrated commitment to reciprocity with the community partner, evidenced by commitment to the quality of the service or deliverable, or through other means
  • Demonstrated skill in critical reflection,
  • Completing work above & beyond course expectations and/or
  • Leadership in supporting critical reflection, reciprocity and/or academic learning in a service-learning course.

Past Award Winners

Lynne Bond Outstanding Service-Learning Faculty Award

  • Cherie Morse, 2023
  • Jeanne Shea, 2022
  • No award in 2021 (COVID)
  • Bill Keeton, 2020
  • Cecilia Danks, 2019
  • Suzy Comerford, 2018
  • Amy Seidl, 2017
  • Kathy Fox, 2016
  • Alan Tinkler, 2016
  • Ernesto Mendez, 2015
  • Kimberly Wallin, 2015

Outstanding New Service-Learning Faculty Award (2015-current)

  • Ben Dangl, 2023
  • Luben Dimov, 2023
  • Deb Hinchey, 2022
  • Lauren MacKillop, 2022
  • No award in 2021 (COVID)
  • Nicole Conroy, 2020
  • John Lens, 2020
  • Farryl Bertmann, 2019
  • Erika White, 2019
  • Thomas DeSisto, 2018
  • Jason Garbarino, 2018
  • Laura Webb, 2018
  • Rachel Montesano, 2017
  • Trish O'Kane, 2017
  • Zac Ispa-Landa, 2016
  • Cherie Morse, 2016
  • Sarah Heiss, 2015

Special Award for Excellence in Community Engagement

  • Teresa Mares, 2019

Outstanding Service-Learning Faculty Award (2005-13)

  • Lynne Bond (Lifetime Achievement Award), 2013
  • Tom Hudspeth (Lifetime Achievement Award), 2012
  • Luis Vivanco, 2012
  • Janet Bossange (Lifetime Achievement Award), 2011
  • Shelly Rayback, 2011
  • Mandar Dewoolkar, 2010
  • Julie Richards, 2009
  • Ann Greenan-Naumann, 2008
  • Matt Kolan, 2008
  • Nancy Hayden, 2007
  • Daniel Baker, 2006
  • Eileen Burgin, 2006
  • Walter Poleman, 2005

Student Leadership in Community-Engaged Learning

  • Sarah Bassett (Early Childhood Education), 2023
  • Marissa Dennis & Allie Krasner (Psychological Sciences), 2023
  • Sandra King (Early Childhood Education), 2022
  • Sarah Stevens (Anthropology), 2021
  • Lucia Possehl (Geography), 2020
  • Sheridan Plummer (RSENR), 2019
  • Mackenzie Murray (Global Studies/Spanish), 2018
  • Sabrina Smith (Environmental Studies), 2018
  • Elizabeth Boley, 2017
  • B. Freas, 2017
  • Cassidy Cabrera, 2016
  • Marcella Dent, 2016
  • Alexandra Millar, 2016
  • Carlisle Jensen, 2015
  • Storm Leland, Hayley Williams, Jordan Walsh, 2012 (group)
  • Joshua Carrera, 2012

Outstanding Community Partner Award

  • Taylor Small, VT State Legislature, 2023
  • Rob Terry, Merck Forest & Farmland Center, 2023
  • Heather Carrington & Ray Coffey, City of Winooski, 2020 
  • Mary Lynn Riggs, GoGlobalVT & Isaiah Thomas Thiango, Vianey Centre Kenya, 2019
  • Naomi Wolcott-MacCausland, UVM Extension, 2019
  • Martha Friedman, VT Department of Health, 2018
  • UVM Office of Student & Community Relations, 2018
  • Jenn Fink, Champlain Valley Head Start / CVOEO, 2017
  • Jim Pease, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, 2017
  • Dana Bishop and Marshall Webb, Shelburne Farms, 2016
  • Carey Hengstenberg, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, 2015
  • Central Vermont Long-Term Recovery Committee, 2012
  • Otter Creek Engineering, 2011
  • South Burlington Planning and Zoning, 2010
  • St. Barnabas Anglican School in San Ignacio, Belize, 2009
  • Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger, 2009
  • Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity, 2008
  • Recycle North, 2007
  • Williston Conservation Commission, 2007
  • Julie Graham, Chamberlin Elementary School, 2006
  • Linda Shaw, Copley Hospital, 2006
  • People in Partnership, 2005


Cherie Morse Awarded 2023 Lynne Bond Award for Outstanding Community-Engaged Faculty

Each year, CELO presents community-engaged learning awards to faculty, students and community partners for their leadership in creating transformative learning experiences that address community priorities and goals. Students prepare for their lives after graduation by deploying their academic skills in ways that contribute to positive community outcomes. Roughly 50 faculty members and up to 200 community partners create approximately 100 community-engaged courses annually. On April 13th, we gathered for our annual CELO Awards Ceremony to honor some of the people exemplifying this high-impact practice.We are pleased to recognize Cherie Morse (Geography) as this year’s recipient of the Lynne Bond Outstanding Community-Engaged Faculty Award.