A shot of the screen on a video camera capturing an interview with a UVM official.

Video storytelling

The Center for Research on Vermont records lectures and produces video profiles on Vermont researchers and related topics. Watch some of these videos below! Follow us on YouTube to keep up-to-date with new content. 

Vermont's Identity

Paul Searls talks about destroying Vermont in order to save it.

What is Vermont? We spoke to some Vermont researchers to try to answer that age-old question. 

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Environment & Sustainability

research lab - the Melosira

Vermont researchers often pursue solutions to the problem of climate change and in that aim, discuss and document the changes they see in the physical environment.

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Vermont History

Books lay on shelves in the Vermont State Archives in Montpelier.

Vermont is full of interesting stories, whether it be a profile on Vermont's first state archivist or the story of Randolph, and the Center is on a mission to capture it all on film. 

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Researcher Wolfgang Mieder during a CRVT interview.

The Vermont accent is unique and researchers have long pondered its eccentricities.

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In the Arts

campus - Old Mill at night

What is happening in the Vermont arts scene? 

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Power from the North Conference

Dick Snelling, former governor of Vermont in a vintage photo.

Power from the North is a joint project of UVM's Canadian Studies, The Center for Research on Vermont and the Energy Transitions Research Group to explore the past, present and future of Vermont & Quebec's electricity relationships.

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Leaving Vermont

Art Woolf speaks about Vermont's aging population in an interview by Center for Research on Vermont.

Why are young Vermonters leaving? This series aims to discover the reasons why Vermont has an ever-aging population. 

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