Love Where you Work

During the pandemic, we’ve heard of more people  –moving to the state – temporarily at least -- maybe longer. Sometimes bringing their jobs with them – virtually – so to speak.

Around the country, hundreds of employers have told tens of thousands of employees not to come to the office – for a long time – and maybe forever. Tech industry leaders Facebook, Google, Amazon and many other see more telework in the future. And it’s not just tech, non-profits, medicine, artists, writers and non-profits, communicators and small businesses are all finding much more that can be done from a “home” office. Some of those jobs could be done from anywhere, so why not Vermont?

In a partnership with the Vermont Future’s Project and the Office of Engagement at UVM we ask those questions.

Final Report (PDF)

Stories and Photos

Survey Summary (PDF)


Richard Watts and Anna Watts of the Love Where You Work Project