The 39 Steps - Fall 2015 Parade

The Department of Theatre is one of 44 departments and programs in the College of Arts and Sciences. Central to a liberal arts education is the philosophy that an undergraduate curriculum of breadth and depth will provide students with life long skills to learn. In a similar way the Department of Theatre provides a breadth and depth of experience so students gain skills to understand the various facets of theatre, while at the same time learning the vital and transferable attributes of critical analysis, problem solving, and belief in one’s own contributions, creativity, and ideas. Students who have graduated from the University of Vermont Department of Theatre have gone on to top tier graduate schools, professional apprenticeships, and various careers in which they have been able to apply the knowledge gained from their experiences.

The Department of Theatre provides students with a combination of theory and practice in understanding theatre as an art form that reflects the human condition. Students who major or minor in theatre are required to take core courses that provide an historical and critical foundation as well as fundamentals courses in areas of acting and design. A wide offering of additional courses are available that reflect theatre as social practice, personal expression, and creative collaboration.

Using standards of professional theatre practice, the department is dedicated to student learning and to providing the best broad based theatre education that university resources will provide.

Core Learning Outcomes


  • UVM Theatre June 2019

Small class sizes, appreciation of diversity, and a spirit of inclusion promote a strong sense of community at the Department of Theatre and Dance.

  • extensive production schedule offers students opportunities to create
  • rigorous academic offerings challenge students to learn and grow
  • expansive and creative curriculum that values ideas and promotes self-expression
  • cultivates critical thinking and an understanding of historical and social contexts
  • strong student-faculty relations
  • accomplished theatre department staff