School's-out food program helps fuel Shelburne kids through summer

The halls at Shelburne Community School are generally quiet this time of year unless you know when to stop by. For about 20 or so families in the community, every other Thursday is an important time to visit.

In a small area near the gymnasium, volunteers set up folding tables and set out a spread of groceries. As families arrive, children run ahead and enthusiastically check out the...

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Protecting bobolinks, one hayfield at a time

Out in the field, Allan Strong identifies birds by sight and by song as they call into the morning mist and zip by against the fog-soaked mountains.

“American crow… and there’s a barn swallow.” He scratches both names into an orange notebook.

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New Vermont agriculture on display at Nordic Farms

The red-roofed barns and buildings of Charlotte’s Nordic Farms stand out against the green landscape overlooking Lake Champlain while they belie the level of innovation happening inside lately. 

Birds flutter across fields conspicuously missing cows. 

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