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The RDS Minor requires 18 hours (six courses) in core writing, media history/theory, advanced courses in the practice of writing, video, image, audio, and mixed media formats, and an internship related to media, communication, or journalism.

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Minor requirements

The minor requires 18 credits, as follows:

Three credits in core writing

ENGS050Art of the Essay
ENGS051Topics in Composition


Three credits in media/history/theory

ANTH202Anthropology of Media
ENVS204Media, Ecology, Politics
FTS009History of Television
FTS010Contemporary Cinema
POLS123The Vermont Political System
POLS137Politics and Media
REL298Religion and Media
SOC043Survey of Mass Communication
SOC148Sociology of News
SOC 243Mass Media in Modern Society


Nine credits at the advanced level in the practice

Journalism, the essay, digital composing, screenwriting
ENGS107Topics in Composition and Rhetoric
ENGS108Advanced Composition Workshop
ENGS114Topics in Writing
ENGS117Advanced Creative Nonfiction
FTS144Screenwriting I
FTS145Screenwriting II

ARTS148Motion Picture Media
FTS133Documentary and Avant-Garde Cinema
FTS141Film and Video Production I
FTS 143Film Theory and Practice

Photography, digital image and design
ENVS170Environmental Arts Practice
ARTS138Color Photography
ARTS148Motion Picture Production

*UVM students may also take photojournalism courses at St. Michael's for no additional cost.

Three credits in an internship in journalism/media/documentary