"I interned at The Pride Center of Vermont in spring 2020 and it was the first internship I had. I really enjoyed it because the employees were amazing people and I got to experience being a part of change and support for the LGBTQ+ community in Vermont.  It was relevant to GSWS/my studies because I was involved in LGBTQ+ healthcare/data analyzing reports on the Pride Center’s community health needs assessment where I looked at LGBTQ health disparities and also learned about public health interventions that are used at the Pride Center. I wanted to do this internship because I was really interested in LGBTQ+ healthcare and learning more about ways the community are impacted, as well as what the Pride Center does for LGBTQ+ health. After the internship, I gained a better understanding of health disparities that LGBTQ+ individuals face in Vermont and the interventions that the Pride Center uses to support these individuals. Additionally, being around a bunch of queer people was really nice and felt really welcoming. I hope that in the future I can possibly work somewhere that involves and supports queer people in any way and interning at the Pride Center was my first stepping stone to doing so!” Brooke Katz, Class of 2021

“Through my GSWS minor I was able to receive credit for an internship at the Vermont Department of Health. As an intern, I spearheaded a variety of initiatives related to workforce development and health equity. I was able to revise the Division of Maternal and Child Health's website to include gender-inclusive language which helped ensure that all Vermont parents and families are able to access the services that the division provides. I also created a guide that helps employees better support trans and non-binary Vermonters throughout their parenthood journeys. Through this internship, I was able to start gaining the skills that I will need to promote gender equity in government and policy while also learning about how government agencies are working to support all families and where there is still room for improvement.” --Emma Staff, Class of 2021

"For the Practicum portion of my minor, I interned [virtually] for Steps to End Domestic Violence, a Burlington-based nonprofit that assists survivors of intimate partner violence. Some of the important lessons I took away from this experience involved discovering the vast types of resources and social services that are available throughout Vermont and the country, the intricate network of partners that a nonprofit leans on to support its service users, and the importance of educating the public on social issues to prevent them from occurring and to help individuals recognize when they are being treated unfairly and need to seek help. My GSWS background helped me to design flyers and social media posts that would clearly explain domestic violence and address stigmas that impede help-seeking behavior. For instance, I aimed to dismiss the notions of toxic masculinity for male-identifying people and the likeability-driven obedience and tendency to prioritize others’ needs over one’s own for female-identifying people that deter them from pursuing assistance. In summary, it was a highly valuable experience." --Julian Barritt (he/him), Class of 2021


Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies