UVM English offers programs that cover a vast range of human experiences and essential skills in communication, persuasion, creativity, and analysis. Because of the broad interdisciplinary focus of the College of Arts and Sciences, English majors are equipped with a wide range of transferable skills, enabling them to succeed in virtually any profession. Learn more about the Department of English.

Opportunities to Explore

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The English Department offers incredible opportunities for students to further their education and to start exploring a variety of unique topics. English students are able to expand their horizons through our semesterly event offerings, featuring award-winning authors and speakers, as well as through special internship and travel abroad programs. With a B.A. or minor in English students will have all the tools they need to have a successful college and professional career!

Fantastic Faculty

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The English Department’s dedicated faculty and staff are here to offer students all the support they need! Our incredible instructors are passionate about the subjects they teach and can offer students a wealth of knowledge as educators, advisors, and professionals. Many of our faculty members are published authors and researchers who can provide connections, insights, and opportunities that go far beyond the classroom.

A Bright Future for English

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Pursuing a career in English can offer a variety of enriching and fulfilling opportunities for professional and personal growth. The English Department is here to help students learn what they are passionate about and to provide guidance on how to turn that passion into a rewarding career. Learn more about what our graduate students and alumni are up to, or check out English careers in the news.