Getting To Know the English Faculty Through Their Work

Introducing four English Department Faculty members, reading from their own work.  Enjoy getting to know them and English better.



See Stephen Cramer read from "Turn it Up!"





See Emily Bernard read from "Black is the Body"








See Major Jackson read from "The Absurd Man"









See Angela Patten read "Tabula Rasa" 

Film and Television Studies

Film and Television student recording UVM event.


Housed in the English Department, Film and Television Studies offers both a major and a minor. Courses explore everything from the aesthetic to the art of television and film. Learn more about the Film and Television Studies program.

Accelerated MA Program

Old Mill and the University Green in the fall.


Earn a Master’s Degree identical to our standard two-year MA on an accelerated timeline by beginning the work before graduating from UVM.  Normally a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree takes six years.  In the Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) you can earn both degrees in five years, saving both time and tuition dollars.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Map of historic Canterbury, England.


Expand your college experience and your horizons by studying abroad! Continue your studies overseas with the English department, we offer several opportuntities for students such as: