Chinese Program

Study Abroad

The Study Abroad in China Program for UVM students is managed by the Chinese program and university partners in China, including the International Education Exchange Center of Yunnan University (1999-2001), the Institute of Chinese and International Studies of Yunnan Normal University (2002-2010), the College of International Students of Yunnan University (2011-2016), and Shandong University of Science and Technology (2017-). The program offers courses on Chinese language and courses conducted in English on subjects like Chinese culture and cross-communication strategies, Chinese minority nationalities, Chinese religion, Chinese philosophy and Sino-American Business Relations. This is a valuable opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the Chinese culture and language. Learn more about study abroad opportunities at UVM. Below are several required forms and other resources for study abroad in the Chinese program.

Application Form (docx)
Course Equivalents (PDF)
Visa Application Form (PDF)
Introduction to SDUST (PDF)
Program Brochure (PDF)

Special Events

Learning doesn’t begin and end in the classroom. As part of the Chinese language community at UVM, there are many activities and events that build on your language skills in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Chinese Tea Hour is held every Friday afternoon. Events throughout the year, like the annual Chinese student talent show, celebration of Chinese New Year, Chinese films, acrobatic or martial arts shows, and music and dance performances by Chinese artists, enhance the learning experience.



Japanese Program

Giant Japanese shrines with people for dramatic size comparisonStudy Abroad

Study abroad is not only for learning language but also a wonderful eye-opening experience. Spending one semester or two in Japan during your college days will provide an added dimension and depth to your resume. There are three UVM Exchange Programs in Japan: Aoyama Gakuin University and Rikkyo University in Tokyo and Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka.  Often UVM or associated organizations can provide financial support for studying abroad. Learn more about study abroad opportunities. Contact the Office of International Education for further information.

Advancing Language Skills

Our enthusiastic Japanese faculty members have many years of teaching experience. While Japanese is often considered one of the more difficult languages to master, our students are able to conduct simple conversations, read and write during the very first semester. At more advanced levels, original sources such as newspaper articles, films, TV news and contemporary novels are used.


Scholarship Opportunities

The Asian Languages and Literatures Program encourages student to apply for scholarships that fund opportunities to practice Chinese and Japanese skills, attend graduate school or engage in service projects abroad. Many of these opportunities provide special consideration to students with limited financial means. Because faculty scholars at UVM are closely connected with many of these organizations, they can provide you guidance in planning and applying.