Asia has a population of over three billion people, and in our age of globalization the continent is increasingly relevant to Western life. The University of Vermont offers language instruction in Chinese and Japanese, the languages of the two biggest economies in Asia. Our goal is to provide the best possible instruction in the languages and literatures of these two countries, helping students gain greater understanding of Asian culture and the capacity to thrive in environments where these languages are spoken.

Knowledge of the language and culture of China and Japan opens the door to a world of opportunity in business, government, education, the arts and many other sectors.

Opening New Worlds


Our Chinese and Japanese language, literature, and culture classes provide you with the skills to read, write, speak and understand the two major languages of Asia. The rewards include an appreciation of the rich literary heritage of Asian civilizations and access an exciting range of career opportunities

Inspired Teachers, Expert Mentors

Language learning in the classroom

Faculty members in both the Chinese and Japanese programs are experts in Chinese and Japanese languages and literatures and knowledgeable about Chinese and Japanese cultures. They are also specialists in teaching Chinese and Japanese languages to American college students. Their excitement about sharing knowledge about their specialized language and culture is contagious.

Chinese students teaching elem students

Going Places

In the Asian Language and Literature program at UVM you become part of a learning community that helps you grasp the fundamentals of the Chinese or Japanese language. You'll have access to a number of study abroad programs to sharpen your language skills and deepen your understanding of Asian cultures. And, when you graduate, you'll join many other UVM alumni who are making their mark in the world.