Department Award:

The department annually presents the Peter Seybolt Academic Award of Asian Languages and Literatures, given to the top graduating seniors who major in an Asian language based on academic performance. This award was named after the founder of the department, Professor Peter Seybolt, in August 2012, to commemorate his dedication and contribution to Asian language education at UVM.

Peter Seybolt Academic Award of Asian Languages and Literatures


  • Max Gerlach (Japanese Major)
  • Annika Imobersteg (Japanese Major)
  • Isabelle Van Nieuwkoop (Chinese Major)



The Chinese Program recommends its best students to be inducted into the National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society, sponsored by the Chinese Language Teachers Association, USA.


The Japanese National Honor Society – College Chapter (JNHS–CC) recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement and excellence in the study of the Japanese language. The Association of Teachers of Japanese (ATJ) is pleased to assist teachers with a way to recognize their outstanding students, to maintain high standards in Japanese language education, and to promote activities that give students ways to use their language skills on their campuses and in their communities. UVM students who are nominated for membership receive certificates of excellence and red-and-white cords to wear at graduation, and are recognized on the ATJ website and in its newsletter.

The National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society


  • Anitra Conover
  • Claire Fagan
  • Francis Vigoreaux


The Japanese National Honor Society - College Chapter (JNHS-CC)


  • Sam Bjorklun   
  • Katherine Blassingame
  • Kelsey Brown    
  • Gian Cercena    
  • Kiera Clarke        
  • Carter Franciskovich
  • Max Gerlach
  • Declan Ghirardi
  • Eden Gostelow
  • Annika Imobersteg
  • Andrew Libby
  • Veronica Ruth
  • Mark Sizen 
  • Blake Stanberry-Beall 
  • Luke McGovern

Past Seybolt Award Winners

Peter Seybolt Department Academic Award

Benjamin Smith  (Japanese Major)
Aki Jacobson  (Japanese Major)

Aidan Seipke  (Japanese Major)
Alexander Insoft  (Japanese Major)

Nathan Philip Basch (Double Major in Chinese and Environmental Studies)
Margaret E. Coppes (Double Major in Chinese and Political Science)
Mallory Xiaohe McFarland (Chinese Major and Writing Minor)
Anna Campbell Smith (Double Major in Chinese and Linguistics)

Sophia Webb (Chinese Major)

Marty McDonald (Chinese Major)
John Sawyer Shaw (Chinese Major)
Eric Hendel (Japanese Majors)
Andrew Lambert (Japanese Major) 

Adam Barson (Chinese Major)                   
Michaela Hooper (Chinese Major)                   
Claire LeVier (Japanese Major)                  
Danielle Tom ((Japanese Major)           

Bryant D. O'Connor (Chinese Major)
Chiara Sylvia (Chinese Major)
Morgan Dorothy Velba (Japanese Major)

Jason N. Garland (Chinese Major)
Kerey K. Hamilton (Japanese Major)
Aaron J. Kane (Japanese major)  

Alisa Holm (Japanese Major)
Christopher Zepf (Japanese Major)

Hanna Miyake (Chinese Major)
Maurenn Pavlik (Japanese Major)
Pedro Teixeira (Japanese Major)

Michael H. Hoffman (Chinese Major) 
Christine A. Meagher (Chinese Major)
Danielle M. DePasquale (Japanese Major)
Charlotte Z. Ross  (Japanese Major)

William C. Roman (Chinese Major)
Annalouise V. Stone (Japanese Major)

Past National Collegiate Chinese Honor Society Honorees

Gabrielle Atab Alexandrescu
Nathan Philip Basch
Katherine Ning Baum
Francesca Jingjing
Judy Hoang
Charlotte Lau
Mallory Xiaohe McFarland
Anna Campbell Smith
Arron Jack Slocum
Shan Shan Zheng

Joel Chapin Cheney       
Rebecca Irene Moser     
Sophia Webb 

Marty McDonald
Annie Ryan
Emily Mei Snow
Colleen Walsh

Adam T. Barson
Julia Yunli Beatty
Zoey Yue-Yue Christensen
Heather N. Day
Emily Susan Harney
Michaela Lee Hooper
Aimee L. Johnston
Kevin S. Neville
Gabriel Doran Trotz
Claire E. Wilcox

Bryant Douglas O'Connor

Past Japanese National Honor Society-College Chapter (JNHS-CC) Honorees

Siyang Chen
Mimi Duong 
Michelle Fuyuka Hall
Elizabeth Anne Indorato
Aki Jacobson  
Kiana Nobumoto
Benjamin Smith 
Nerida Williams
Qianxiang Zhou

Paige Carruthers
Yanni Dai
Kyra N. Diehl
Carrie L. Edson
Aliza A. George
Alex T. Insoft
Miya S. Scully
Aidan W. Seipke
Molly M. Swiencki
Grace Y. Williams
Honggang Xu

Nicolas R. Drennon Grey C. Fahrner
Alice Pelletier
Vanessa White

Nancy Bernhardt
Keshan Deng  
Shiyan Hong    
Kaye Gallant Scheidler 

Jang Changgyun
Qingyin Cheng
Drake Evans
Yijia Gao
Eric Hendel
Ian Ross Lake
Andrew Lambert
Qihong Li
Julia Murphy Moore
Colin Villarin

Devon Boy
Jeremy Chen
Yan Kwan
Aaron Kane
Andrew Lamoureux
Claire LeVier
Amber McAllister
Zoe Nugent
Monica Petras
Stephanie Sheehan
Danielle Tom

Jessica Adler
Olivia Ambo
Lisa Chen
Yi Chen
Xi Chen
Michelle Galecki
Alexandra Sebastiano
Emanuella Schinazi
Kimberly Spacapan
Yutao Su
McKenna Todd
Morgan Velba
Eric Warshawsky

Alexander Berube
Emmett Caruso
Zhenhui Chen
Kerey Hamilton
Aaron Kane
Andrew Lamoureux
Alisha Lewis
Nathan Tessmann
Christopher Torossian
Yin Yefko

Berthel Brett
Holm  Alisa
Pike Hannah
Stanton Shawnae
Zepf Christopher

Pavlik Maureen
Teixeira Pedro M.
Yin Ruoyi

Danielle Depasquale
Annemarie Nicholson
Charlotte Ross
Kyle Ruske
Grace Stanford
Molly Thurlow
Jessica Titterton



Peter J. Seybolt (1934-2012) was a distinguished scholar of modern Chinese history.  He spent his entire 38-year career at the University of Vermont and created both its interdisciplinary undergraduate Asian Studies Program and its Department of Asian Languages and Literatures. He also worked tirelessly for decades to expand opportunities for education about Asia for public school teachers and students throughout the state of Vermont.