Faculty in classroom

The purpose of academic advising is to assist students in clarifying and meeting their educational and career goals. Successful academic advising happens when students and faculty advisors work together as a team.

Advising help is available to Asian language majors through one-on-one advising. Each student is assigned to an individual faculty advisor; please visit the department website and the web pages of the program of the language you would like to major in for general information before you make an appointment with your advisor for detailed, specific, or unusual questions related to courses, off-campus studies, or other issues.

Additional Resources: Careers, Research & Graduate School

The Program in Asian Languages and Literatures is committed to helping students learn more about their chosen Asian language to study and the opportunities associated with it. As nationally and internationally known scholars or professionally trained teachers with successful careers, our faculty members have a wealth of expertise to share about the academic and professional work in their specialized Asian language, study abroad programs, graduate programs in Asian languages and literatures, and more. Therefore, you can consult individual faculty members or attend an information session about the following topics:

  • Study Abroad: which study abroad program and exchange program to go through UVM or elsewhere, how to navigate applications for programs, how to integrate study abroad into the major, what scholarships are available, and how to apply.
  • Applying to graduate school: when to apply, what materials you need to prepare, how to choose a program, and what job prospects are like in various fields.
  • Career ideas: how your Asian language major may help to prepare you for jobs in government, schools and colleges, business, non-profits, and more.

Seeking Other Kinds of Advising?

Your academic advisor has expertise in scholarly issues, especially pertaining to the Asian language and culture he or she is teaching. There are many other issues about which you may seek advice and support such as student health, legal matters, writing and learning skills, general career planning, lifestyle/residential issues, academic accommodations and more. UVM offers a variety of free professional advising regarding these and other issues. The College of Arts & Sciences Student Services can help you to identify the resources most likely to meet your needs.