Fortino Acosta

I am passionate about developing climate-positive cities' visions, integrating nature-based solutions and other interdisciplinary strategies toward a total ecological landscape design, where art, design, and science converge to create sustainable and vibrant open spaces. With a genuine commitment to resilience, I explore the interconnectivity of the circular economy and its global landscape impact, inspiring my students to envision closed-loop systems that benefit the planet.


• Acosta, F. (2022). Linking Nevada to Doughnut Economics. Sustainability Journal, 14(22), 15294
• Acosta, F. & Haroon, S. (2021). Memorial Parking Trees: Resilient Modular Design with Nature-Based Solutions in Vulnerable Urban Areas. Land Journal, 10(3), 298.
• Landscape Design for Biodiverse Cities, FONCA (Coauthor, 2021).
• The Waters of Orion (2018), Children’s book (Author). PDF

Associations and Affiliations

UVM Landscape, Mobility, & Sustainability Committee

PSS Undergraduate Affairs Committee

Latin-American Naturalistic Landscapers Association

Lecturer Fortino Acosta

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Climate resilient and biodiverse cities, interdisciplinary ecological landscape design, green infrastructure planning and design, integrated stormwater management, circular economy consultancy, strategic landscape planning, and wildlife conservation.


  • Ph.D, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering, University of Nevada in Las Vegas
  • M.A., Landscape Architecture, The University of Sheffield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • B.S., Industrial Engineering, Universidad Iberoamericana, Santa Fe, Mexico


  • 802-656-2630
Office Location:

231 Jeffords Hall

Office Hours:

By appointment


Courses Taught

PSS3993 Landscape Planning Global Studio
PSS 2993 Landscape Application
PSS2371 Landscape Design Studio
CDAE1010 3D Modelling Studio