Perugia, Italy

The Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences values the skills and experiential learning that students acquire while studying abroad. International education can be an integral part of a student’s course of study and career trajectory. The Department has vetted the following study abroad destination(s) and for each has a list of pre-approved course equivalencies, as well as approved internship experiences (where applicable). Students with further questions should speak first with their faculty advisor in the department, as well as contacting the Study Abroad team in the Office of International Education

Approved Study Abroad Programs:

  • The Umbra Institute: The Umbra Institute is a program in Perugia, a central Italian university city. Since 2011 the Institute has offered the program in Food, Sustainability, & the Environment (FSE), with a variety of courses from the Anthropology of Food and Sustainable Food Production in Italy to Green Cities and Global Sustainable Business. Click here to read more about the FSE and see a full list of relevant courses.
    major credit: Students may use any two FSE electives for their major or minor.
    • Umbra Institute courses approved by the UVM Transfer Office
    • In addition, the Department has pre-approved the following list of direct equivalents for major requirements:
      • NFS 073: Farm to Table > Umbra Institute: ENV/FSST/SOC 330: Sustainable Food Production in Italy Transformations
      • ANTH 085: Food and Culture > Umbra Institute: ANTH/FSST/SOC 375: Anthropology of Food and Eating: Understanding Self and Others
    • Internships: The Institute offers a variety of summer internships for those who complete the semester in Perugia. These opportunities include working at local wineries or in the Institute’s urban community garden. The internships are approved for the major requirements; see the Umbra Institute website for descriptions and talk with Professor Amy Trubek, NFS Dept Chair, for more information.
  • Cheese in Parma

    Cheese in Parma

    Students of the Umbra Institute visit cheese making in Parma, Italy

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