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Transcript: Dan Koenemann on how undergraduate research helped him win a Goldwater

So, UVM is the perfect place for an academically motivated student because if you want the challenge it's there. And you can find anything your heart desires to work on. Any sort of real world problems, any sort of academics, working with professors real close. It's perfect.

What's pushed me here has been professors and the ability to get into a lab. The coursework is challenging but it's more challenging when you have to take it and integrate it into the real world. And that's something that I've had the opportunity to do and I'm very grateful for.

It was actually really easy, getting into a lab here. There's an office where you go, where you write down all your information and they give you a sheet with professors who are looking for students to work in their labs and from there you fill out which ones interest you and you got through an interview process after that, but it's really quite simple.

So, working in a lab really helps you integrate your coursework with the real world. What you see is that everything you learn in your classes suddenly has this new context that you maybe didn’t have before when you were just memorizing for an exam. You know see that wow, I can actually use this and find out new things.

I think the UVM experience prepares you very well for graduate school. Because you actually do get the opportunity to do work as an undergraduate that you might not be able to do unless you were a graduate or if you took a year off and you worked somewhere. You can do that here as an undergraduate, which puts you a step ahead of everyone else.

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