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Libraries and Technology


  • Fast Internet: Want to watch Hulu HD in your dorm room? No problem. UVM's super fast campus Internet connection runs at 2.8-10 Mbit/s. (Note to the not-so-technical: This is faster than most home and/or business network connections.)
  • Wireless on and around campus: We've got you covered. Each resident hall on campus is wireless throughout. Heading out? Connect to the campus network wirelessly not just from home but from class, the library, the gym, or even the shuttle bus stop. Free WiFi hotspots are all over town and the Church Street marketplace: Uncommon Grounds, Brueggers, New Moon, Dobra Tea, Starbucks, Muddy Waters, the airport, etc.
  • Computer labs: UVM has around 40 strategically located computer labs. They are open extended hours, more so at critical times of the year, and some stay open around the clock. Want some company heading home? If the shuttle service has ended, UVM Police Services can offer a safety escort.
  • Social media: Connect with your college, department, student group, classmates, and more via social media. Involvement is group specific, but for example, UVM groups own 70+ Twitter accounts.
  • Access to task completion: Students use UVM's Web-based services to apply for admission, register for and add/drop courses and buy textbooks from the campus bookstore. A single sign-on portal is in use on UVM's campus.
  • Degree audit: Tallying credits for a possible major or minor? Instantly check your completed and current courses against any major to see unfulfilled requirements online.
  • Online classes: Many UVM faculty members use the Internet to: distribute course materials and assignments, facilitate collaborative work, administer tests and conduct surveys. In fall 2011, there were 1,485 Blackboard course spaces used by faculty and students. Blackboard is an online course management system that supports the sharing of learning resources, student collaboration, learning assessment, and multiple means of communication among faculty and students.
  • Technology in the classroom: Twelve UVM classrooms are equipped with a computer for each student. Most classrooms are equipped with projectors and document cameras making hook up for classroom presentations a breeze. In addition, the Center for Teaching and Learning is one of the most active units of its kind in the country — this group specializes in helping professors bring cutting-edge technology into the classroom.
  • Access to information: The library catalog, several databases and special collections are all available online.


UVM's libraries are well-loved, well-used resources by students and community members. They have a dynamic quality — created by the depth of the collection, the facilities' considerable technological resources and a staff of research librarians — that makes them uniquely attractive environments for research and work. It's not unusual, for instance, to find the Bailey/Howe Library's Cyber Café crowded with working students. Visit the libraries online: University Libraries website (gateway to Bailey/Howe and Dana Medical libraries)

Ask a librarianAsk-a-librarian.

Librarians are there to save you time and reduce frustration. Instant message, e-mail, call or stop by the reference desk for a one-on-one session (or appointment) with a reference librarian.

Quick facts about UVM's exemplary libraries

The libraries are here to help you on your journey of discovery and creation; you are encouraged to share your ideas and feedback about our services.

  • With 1.5 million print volumes of books and journals, the collection is Vermont's largest research library.
  • UVM offers access to a total of 48,000 online journals, newspapers and other continuing titles, as well as databases and e-books.
  • Reference librarians can help locate unique resources, tailored to your own assignments, in person, by phone, or even via e-mail and instant messaging.
  • If there is a book or article you need that isn't in the collection, our interlibrary loan team acquires it for you, often within days.
  • Productivity software (for example: word processing, spreadsheets, statistical analysis programs) on computers allows you to work seamlessly alongside library services and collections.

Holdings that make UVM libraries special

In addition to the main collection, a number of special features attract patrons to the libraries:

  • the most extensive collection of Vermont materials in the world;
  • Dana Medical Library, Vermont's only health sciences research library, and its consumer health and medical history collections;
  • a number of historic environmental history collections, including papers, letters and manuscripts of George Perkins Marsh, a Vermonter many consider to be the country's first environmentalist;
  • a geographic information system (GIS) facility and a multimedia laboratory in the main Bailey/Howe library;
  • the Center for Digital Initiatives which provides access to UVM's digital library collections from anywhere in the world and includes:
    • historic Vermont image collections
    • medieval and renaissance-era manuscripts
    • materials created by Vermont lawmakers
    • an archive of children’s work
    • Civil War papers
    • maple research and recipe collections
    • much more


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