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Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

9th edition

David C. Howell

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This page lists supplemental material that is available for Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, 9th edition. Much of the page will focus on the R computing language, including how to download and install R, code that relates to each chapter, and additional material that goes beyond the text but which is potentially useful for those wishing to go further. For some chapters there will be more content material that did not fit easily into the text but that may be useful.

Material on Installing R, RStudio, and Related Files

An Overview of R

R Code for Each Chapter

Supplements by Chapter

The following links are included here because they offer important additional information on the material in the text. In some cases the material goes well beyond the text, but I thought that it was appropriate to include them for completeness. I do not expect every user to be excited by every entry, but I thought that, in this case, occassional overkill was appropriate. Use your own discretion.

  • Chapter Four — Measures of Central Tendency

  • Chapter Five — Measures of Variability

  • Chapter Six — The Normal Distribution

  • Chapter Seven — Basic Concepts of Probability

  • Chapter Eight — Sampling Distributions and Hypothesis Testing

  • Chapter Nine — Correlation

  • Chapter Ten — Regression

  • Chapter Eleven — Multiple Regression

  • Chapter Twelve — Hypothesis Tests Applied to Means: One Sample

  • Chapter Thirteen — Hypothesis Tests Applied to Means: Two Related Samples

  • Chapter Fourteen — Hypothesis Tests Applied to Means: Two Independent Samples

  • Chapter Fifteen — Power

  • Chapter Sixteen — One-Way Analyses of Variance

  • Chapter Seventeen — Factorial Analysis of Variance

  • Chapter Eighteen — Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance

  • Chapter Nineteen — Chi-Square

  • Chapter Twenty — Nonparametric and Distribution-Free Statistical Tests

  • Chapter Twenty One — Meta-Analysis and Single Subject Designs

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  • Normal Probability Calculator for the iPhone