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Religion: Shaping society since the beginning of time

The study of religion at UVM is a crucial part of the wider study of human cultures, global affairs, and personal identities; it is not tied to previous religious training or present religious affiliation. Religious study is the investigation of the myths, rituals, ethical systems, and social formations that human beings have created in response to what they perceive to be powers beyond the human. War and peace, states and revolutions, laws and communities have been shaped by religious aspirations and commitments. Discover the study of religion at UVM.

Religion courses that reflect faculty expertise:

  • Buddhism
  • Judaism
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Christianity
  • African Religions
  • religion in America
  • religions of China
  • religions of Japan
  • theories of religion & methodology

Our faculty's methodological approaches include comparative study, feminist theory, cognitive science, philosophical inquiry, social theory, and historical analysis.

Outstanding student of religion:

Madeleine Kemble--outstanding senior

This year the Outstanding Senior Major Award was presented to Madeleine Kemble. Madeleine graduated in May 2013 with a double major in Religion and English. Of her Religion Department experience, she says:

“After being in the Integrated Humanities Program as a first year here at UVM, and being fascinated by the Religion and Ethics programs required at my prep school, Groton, I wanted to use my college experience to absorb and reflect on as much of the best of the humanities as I could get my hands on. As William James once said, ‘The best claim that a college education can possibly make on your respect, the best thing it can aspire to accomplish for you, is this: that it should help you to know a good man when you see him.’

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