University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Political Science

First Year Student Programs

First Year Seminar Program

The Department offers incoming, first-year students the opportunity to take some of our introductory core courses in a small-group setting with particular emphasis on the development of writing skills. The instructor of the course also serves as the student's advisor. This program is part of the College-wide Teacher-Advisor Program (TAP). Precise arrangements vary from year to year.

Integrated Social Science Program

The Department participates in the College's Integrated Social Science Program (ISSP). The program is designed to present 30 first-year students with the opportunity to understand major social problems and efforts to solve them. Students work closely with faculty members from a variety of social science disciplines.

Integrated Humanities Program (IHP)

IHP is one of four College of Arts and Sciences full-year Teacher-Advisor Programs. IHP has been designated a "Dean's Signature" program because it is designed for highly motivated first-year students with strong academic records.  Established in 1978, it has a long and distinguished history at UVM. The program is designed for students who seek a solid foundation in the humanities. IHP consists of three year-long courses in literature, history, and religion/philosophy, with an emphasis placed on social experience and personal questioning. The program provides a foundation in the liberal arts that benefits students regardless of their major or future career. IHP students have established careers in law, diplomacy, higher education, medicine, environmentalism, public service, as well as the liberal arts.

Integrated Study of Earth and the Enfironment (ISEE) Program

ISEE, one of four College of Arts and Sciences full-year Teacher-Advisor Programs, offers students a chance to explore the study of the Earth system and environment within the context of a liberal arts curriculum through a set of first-year courses that investigate how the Earth "works" from an interdisciplinary perspective. This program links classes in geology, geography, history, English, and environmental studies with residentially-based activities that foster interactions among students and faculty who share a common academic interest.

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