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Twice a year, usually in September and January, the Associate Vice President for Administrative and Facilities Services or the Vice Provost for Student Affairs will initiate (or authorize the initiation of) an announced test alert message for the CatAlert Emergency Notification System. The goal of these tests is to validate that the system is working as designed (including that at least 95% of all messages have been sent). The following details a record of such tests, including the date, time, a description and whether the test was announced or not.

DateTimeDescription and Type# Recipients
02/29/0810:00 amFirst Announced Test of CatAlert System20,326
09/25/0812:22 pmAnnounced Test21,693
02/11/094:00 pmAnnounced Test19,560
09/25/094:00 pmAnnounced Test
02/11/104:00 pmAnnounced Test20,410
09/23/10 4:00 pmAnnounced Test21,053
030/7/117:56 amTest replaced by Winter Weather Closing Alert20,480
08/27/116:05 pmTest replaced by Severe Storm Closing20,406
04/05/123:49 pmAnnounced Test19,719
09/27/124:00 pmAnnounced Test20,426
01/24/133:55 pmAnnounced Test19,674
09/26/133:50 pmAnnounced Test19,978
01/30/144:00 pmAnnounced Test19,398
09/23/143:50 pmAnnounced Test19,977
01/29/153:55 pmAnnounced Test19,565
09/24/154:10 pmAnnounced Test20,195
01/28/164:05 pmAnnounced Test19,761

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