• Emergency

In an emergency call 911 or UVM Police Services at 802-656-3473

Active Threats

RUN...if safe to do so, move quickly away from the scene;

HIDE...if not safe to move, hide as best you can, locking and barricading doors;

FIGHT...as a last resort, try to disrupt or incapacitate the threat.

CALL 911 - Provide location & threat. If hiding, await a CatAlert “All Clear” message


  • Activate the nearest fire alarm and exit the building
  • Call 911 providing specifics about the nature of the fire
  • Do not use elevators when evacuating
  • Take keys, CATCard, wallet, cell phone and close doors behind you (similar to leaving for the day)
  • Gather at designated place and do not re-enter until authorized

Hazardous Materials (Chemical, Biological or Radiological)

  • Move away from a spill to a safe location, alerting others and closing doors behind you
  • If possible, without endangering others shut off any ignition source
  • If exposed, utilize eye wash/deluge shower to minimize health risks
  • If someone could be in danger, Call 911 or activate building fire alarm for evacuation
  • Call 802-656-2560 for EHS response and spill clean-up
  • Wait in a safe location to meet with responders

Severe Weather

  • If possible, shut all windows and doors
  • Seek shelter away from exterior doors & windows
  • Do not go outside during thunder or windstorms until the storm has passed
  • Be aware of downed wires and falling objects
  • Report emergencies Call 911
  • Extreme heat and cold can be very dangerous, dress appropriately and be aware of changing weather conditions

Power Failure

  • Turn off computers and other voltage-sensitive equipment
  • If possible, move cautiously to a lighted area
  • Use flashlights or cell phone to light you room or workspace
  • For localized outages, contact UVM Physical Plant at 802-656-2560
  • For information about a prolonged outage, check the UVM Emergency website

Suspicious Package Or Bomb Threat

  • Do not touch or disturb object
  • Provide as much information as possible about threat or object
  • Notify your supervisor or advisor
  • Be prepared to evacuate, if so directed
  • If told to evacuate, look around for anything suspicious and report to authorities

If Told To Evacuate (Except in case of Active Threats)

  • Move calmly to exits, do not run or push
  • Be aware some exits may be unusable due to smoke or danger
  • Follow instructions from staff or emergency personnel
  • Alert emergency personnel if someone needs help evacuating
  • Take keys, CATCard, wallet, cell phone and close doors behind you (similar to leaving for the day)

If Told To Shelter In Place

  • Get indoors
  • Shut lock and then stay away from all doors and windows
  • Barricade doors that don’t lock, if so directed and turn off light
  • Turn off air conditioners, fans, and heaters
  • Stay inside until informed that it is safe to go outside
  • Follow instructions from staff or emergency personal
  • Await a CatAlert “All Clear” message

Medical Emergencies and Serious Workplace Accidents

  • Call 911 to request Emergency Medical Services
  • If the person is not breathing begin CPR (if trained to do so)
  • If there is active bleeding, assist the injured in providing firm pressure while avoiding direct contact with blood or body fluids
  • Keep the individual calm and send someone to guide Rescue personnel
  • When Rescue arrives, relay what you know about the person and injury

Report A Concern

  • Campus safety is enhanced when community members identify and report issues of all types, including behavior of concern, in a caring and timely manner. Early identification of concerns enables early intervention to address issues, risks, and behaviors that are threatening or disruptive to the learning, living, and working environment.
  • Reporting options:

UVM Police Services

284 East Avenue
Burlington, VT 05405-3401

Phone Numbers

Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line is free 24/7 support for anyone in crisis in VT or nationally.

Just text VT to 741741 from anywhere in Vermont.

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