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Ammeter Shunt, E.S. Greeley
Ampere's Stand, Kohl
Arc Lamp, Queen & Co.
Bridge, Universal Pattern, Kohlrausch's , Hartmann & Braun (1896)
Capacitor, Elliot Bros.
Cathetometer, Societe Genevoise (1896)
Cellular Voltmeter, James White
Chladni Plate
Clock,Stokell Astronomical
Current Balance, James White
Galvanometer, Differential, Latimer Clark (1900)
Galvanometer, Portable, Cenco
Helices, Separable, Daniel Davis (1840 - 1850)
Heliostat Mirror, Brashear
Helmholtz Resonators, Koenig
Helmhotlz Siren,Koenig
Lissajous Forks, Chas. S. Bourne (c. 1890)
Microscope, Chevalier
Mirror 1,Adjustable
Optical Comparator, Koenig
Queen & Co. Pluecker & Fessel Gyroscope (1890)
Resistors, Morris Leeds
Duboscq Spectroscope (1861 - 1870)
'sGravesande's Apparatus
Spectroscope,Wallace Standard Diffraction
Tangent Galvanometer,Nalder Bros.
Transformer, U Shaped
Vacuum Plate, Max Kohl (1896)
Weinhold Demonstration Goniometer, Kohl
Wimshurst Machine
X-ray Tube 1, Gundelach, Emil  (1897 - 1900)
X-ray Tube Tube 2, Gundelach, Emil (1897 - 1900)
Aperture Wheel
Biot's Hemispheres & Faraday's Ice Pail (1900)
Condenser, Kohlrausch, Kohl
Capacitor, Leeds & Northrup Variable
Cell,Weston Standard  #1
Cell,Weston Standard  #2
Charge Distribution Surfaces
 Coolidge Tube 1,Victor X-ray Corp. (1917 - 1925)
Coolidge Tube 3, Genral Electric (1920 - 1925)
 Coolidge Tube 2, General Electric. (1924 - 1935)
Cork Compressor, Enterprise Manufacturing Co.
Dividing Engine
Ediswan Pointolite Arc Lamp
Fall Apparatus, Edelmann's, Kohl
Fire Syringe
Forcing Pump, W. F. Rohrbeck
Gyroscope & Rocker, Scientific Apparatus Company
Galvanometer, Cenco
Galvanometer,Leeds & Northrup
Galvanometer #1,Leeds & Northrup Ballistic
Galvanometer #2,Leeds & Northrup Ballistic
Geissler Tubes
Gold Leaf Electroscopes
Goniometer, Kohl Demonstration
Induction Coils,Ruhmkorff
Lane's Measuring Jar, (Unit Jar) (1900)
Length Standard
Lifting Pump, W. F. Rohrbeck
 Microammeter, Rawson
Microscope 1
Madgeberg Sphere
Mirror Assortment
Polarimeter, Franz Schmidt & Haensch
Refractor,Clark  9", (1905)
Relay, Reyman, Etna electric Works
Resistance Box, Willyoung
Resistance Box 2, Willyoung
Resistance Box 3, Willyoung
Resistor, Leeds & Northrup Students
Resistors, Willyoung Student
Rotational Apparatus,Kohl
Sonometer, Central Scientific
Spectrometer,Bunsen Type
Spectrometer, Partial
Standard Weights
Tuning Fork,Large
Tyndall's Apparatus
Violetta Violet Ray Machine, Rogers
Volume Standard,Fairbanks
X-ray Tube, Kesselring X-ray Corp., (1905 - 1915)
X-ray Tube, E. Machlett & Son, (1935)
Zeiss Refractometer (1904 - 1910)
Alpha Ray Track Apparatus,Knipp
Balance,Henry Troemner
Balance,Voland & Sons
Bell Jars
Cathode Ray Tube,Crookes , Fluorescence Effect
Cathode Ray Tube,Crookes , Low Vacuum Effect
Cathode Ray Tube,Crookes , Magnetic Effect
Discharging Wand
Eperimental Condenser
Expansion Demonstration,Ball and Ring
Filters, Cambridge Botanical  Optical
Fresnel Biprism
Galvanometer, Weston
Hygrometers,Tyco Sling
Ice Crusher, North Brothers Mfg.
Inductor, General Radio #2
Inductors, Round
Inductor With Secondary
Inductors, Miscellaneous
Inertia balance,Schriever
Leyden Jar,Large
Linear Expansion Apparatus, Hot Wire Ammeter,Transformation Point of Steel
Mercury Vapor Lamp
Meter, Leeds & Northrup
Meter #2, Leeds & Northrup
Milliammeter, Weston  #1
Milliammeter, Weston  #2
Optical Pyrometer,Leeds & Northrup
Parabolic Reflectors
Parabolic Reflectors
Photometer Head  (Sight Box), Lummer-Brodhun, Kohl
Potentiometer 1, General Radio
Potentiometer 2, General Radio
Potentiometer, Leeds & Northrup Student
Power Supply, Cambosco
Photocell Relay Unit
Photoelectric Cell,Weston
Quartz Mercury Lamp
Relay,Sigma Instruments
Worner Photoelectric
Resistance Box, Gray Instruments
Resistance Box #1, Leeds & Northrup
Resistance Box #2, Leeds & Northrup
Resistance Box, Leeds & Northrup Power
Resistance Box #2, Leeds & Northrup Power
Resistance Box #3, Leeds & Northrup Power
Resistance Box #4, Leeds & Northrup Power
Resistance Box, Queen & Co.
Resistor,Large Power
Resistor,Leeds & Northrup
Resistor, Welch Bridge
Resistor, Weston Meter
Se Photoelectric Cell
Short Wave Radio Apparatus (1940)
Singing Tubes,Knipp's
Sodium Resonance Bulb
Sodium Vapor Lamp
Spectrometer,Adam Hilger Constant Deviation
Standard Cell, Eppley
Standard Cell, Eppley Student
Standard of Mutual Inductance, Leeds & Northrup
Strobotac/Strobolux, General Radio  (1939)
Thermocouples, Western Electric
Thermoelectric Magnet
Thermopile,W. W. Coblentz
Thermostat, Model, Cenco
Transformer, Cenco Lab
Transformer, Cenco Removable Winding
Transformer, Cenco Tapped
Vacuum Pump, CVC
Vacuum Pump 2
Voltmeter, Ballantine AC
Voltmeter, Weston DC
Wheatstone Bridge, Leeds & Northrup
Wheatstone Bridge,Queen and Co. Slide Wire
X-ray 1-6
1950- 1975
AM Radio
Accelerometer,General Electric
Balance,Heavy Duty
Capacitor, General Radio Standard
Constant Volume Gas Thermometer
Cork Drill
Current Brake
De La Rive Tube
Density of Water, Cenco Maximum
Discharge Tubes
Earth Inductor
Filters, Bausch & Lomb
Galvanometer,Lecture Table
Gas Engine Model
Cenco Gyroscope
Spot Welder, Demonstration
Hygrometer,Alluard's Dew Point
Impulse Counter
Inductor, General Radio
Linear Expansion Apparatus, Cowan, Cenco
Luminescence of Mercury
Maximum Density of Water
Mercury Vapor Lamp
Mutual Inductance Standard
Neon Wands
Optical Disk,Hartl
Oscilloscope Camera
Pascal's Vases
PVT Solids
Resistance Box, Welch
Resistor, General Radio
Resonance Bar
Self Inductance #1, Leeds & Northrup
Self Inductance #2, Leeds & Northrup
Self Inductance Device, Leeds & Northrup
Standard Resistor, Leeds & Northrup
Strobe,General Electric
Strobotac, General Radio
Transformer, Federal Phase Shifting
Transformer, General Electric
Transformer, General Radio
Transformer, General Radio Variac
Transformer, Hysteresis
Transformer, Jefferson Midget Toy
Transformer, Jefferson Tube
Transformer, Phoneloscope
Tuning Fork,Driven
UV Lamp
Von Nardroff Apparatus
Water Wheel
Filters, Wratten

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