Kesselring Tube
 This ion x-ray tube was manufactured by the Kesselring X-ray Tube Co. Chicago, Il. Gas tubes depended on collisions of positive ions with the cathode in order to knock off electrons rather than boiling electrons of a surface. The date of manufacture is probably between 1905 - 1920, and it  was used for diagnostic and theraputic purposes. The anode is at the bottom, the cathode at the top, and the anticathode is just above the anode. The terminal with the long wire that stops near the cathode is an autoregeneration mechanism (click on this link for a description of this tubes operation). This tube has two interesting features:  there is no solid conductor between the anti-cathode and the anode, and the automatic regeneration device. It was designed to operate with a high voltage (100 kv) high frequency alternating power supply, such as a Tesla or Ruhmkorff coil.
Why three electrodes?
"Kesselring X-ray Tube Co. Chicago Il".
Department inventory number D1E.


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