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iPads in CESS: Things to Know Before you Buy


If an iPad is purchased for your use with University funds, it is the understanding that the device will be owned by the University. As with any technology purchased by the University, the device would remain with the department that purchased it should you ever leave your position at UVM.

App Licensing / Purchases

Apple's licensing agreement indicates that licensure/ownership of an App is granted at the time of purchase, to the email account associated with the iTunes account. For that reason, CESS employees must use their personal email as the sole Apple ID and account associated with the University-owned iPad.

Reimbursement Procedures for App Purchases or 3G service

The College of Education and Social Services will not reiumburse individuals for any App purchases nor will CESS reimburse individuals for any 3G data plans or overages. This includes Apps purchased for either personal or professional use. All App purchases will be made with the user's own email address or Apple ID, therefore the associated license will remain with the user forever. Thus, CESS will not pay or reimburse for items licensed for individual use with personal accounts.

Models Supported for Purchase

All iPad models are supported for purchase. However, if an individual purchases an iPad with 3G service, that individual is completely responsible for the cost of any and all charges associated with their account. CESS will not reimburse individuals for any charges related to 3G service.

Required Management Software

All devices will be managed with the Casper Suite software recommended by UVM. The cost for this software is $7 per device per year.


Last modified April 25 2014 10:16 AM