University of Vermont

Bijoux Bahati - transcript

My current research project that I did over the summer focuses on the acculturation processes of refugees and young adults, in the US particularly high school. I depicted that process because I have a personal experience with the process of acculturating in a different country and as a high schooler it has a huge impact on the youth. So I did that project over the summer with the McNair Scholar Program and I have presented the research from Pennsylvania to Georgia and soon I'll be going to Oklahoma State University and in the spring I'll be going to Boston and Connecticut to present that research. Before I graduate I'll have a chance to present it here at UVM. And so, basically it's to raise an awareness of how the refugee status and the impact of the activity associated with it and the impact of young adults and their performances in school. It's been a great project and I think the focus on it is really to raise awareness and make a change in these young people's lives.

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