Resettled in Vermont

How an unlikely corner of the world is taking holistic approaches to resettlement efforts, welcoming New Americans and refugees into opportunities in New England.
Mon Moti Rai harvests caigua and hyacinth beans.

After harrowing images from Afghanistan documenting the collapse of its government under the Taliban circulated late last year, Governor Phil Scott announced that Vermont would welcome one hundred Afghan refugees to resettle in the Green Mountain State. As of May 2022, that number has grown to upwards of 220. 

Depending on your relationship to Vermont, this news may surprise you. The...

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Samples of tree cores against a standard wooden pencil for scale.

Story Cores

At first, the noise coming out of the tree sounds like a slo-mo woodpecker, “thack…thack…thack.” Every few seconds, Professor Shelly Rayback twists the drill another turn, her forearm muscles flexing visibly, teeth gritted in determination, rain and sweat mixing on her forehead and running down her jacket onto the forest floor. “You gotta be in shape to do this,” she says, laughing.

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What the Nose Knows

Freshly mowed grass. Warm white toast. Crumpled up wrapping paper that’s been ripped off a gift. The return of old clothes stored away for the season. Whether or not these smells elicit a reaction from you, chances are you’ve experienced that quick waft of something so specific that it triggers a memory or emotion, or even brings you back to a place from your past. 

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Brandi Chastain in the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup Final. (Photo: Getty Images Robert Beck)

Game On

2020 was an interesting year for fashion. Comfort reigned supreme across Zoom meetings far and wide, and pants were optional. For many women, the year brought fraught relationships with the bra to levels of resentment on par with the sixties. But their time-honored frustration is what also made it possible for 2020 to be a pretty great year for the sports bra.

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Denver, Colorado

Catamount Nation: Denver Edition

Granted, equating Burlington and Denver requires a significant multiplier on matters of elevation and population.

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