Changing the Conversation

A special UVM class fosters the “almost lost art” of thoughtful disagreement.
two students with their back to the camera have a discussion while a group people around them listens

A few years ago, a promising student confided to David Jenemann, dean of the Patrick Leahy Honors College, that she was thinking about transferring. She wanted to have big conversations with her peers, and she wasn’t sure she could find this at the University of Vermont.

“We were going to lose a really good student,” says Jenemann.

This prompted him and UVM President Suresh...

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Mark Usher stands with his legs apart, hands dirty as he digs through the dirt in a field

The Virtues of Dirty Work

Mark Usher, the Lyman-Roberts Professor of Classical Languages and Literature, stands in ankle-deep mud wielding a flame-thrower. He turns the blazing propane toward the ground and burns a hole through a black sheet of plastic that stretches across a pasture on his farm in Shoreham, Vt. Then he stomps on the hole to smother the smoke and picks up a square-ended spade.

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Individual pictures of 13 featured alums gathered in a collage

The Class That Changed My Life

There are moments in everyone’s life that have the potential to change everything. For the UVM College of Arts and Sciences alums (and one soon-to-be alum) below, one of those shining moments came while they were at UVM. They signed up for a course because it was suggested, required, or simply sounded interesting, and bam!

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Beyond Opioids

It seems like an old story now. Painkillers prescribed by a well-meaning doctor that lead to addiction and a deadly downward spiral. In the early days of the nation’s opioid epidemic, it seemed everyone knew someone who lost someone to a bottle of little white pills.

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a box full of items from senator Leahy's career are displayed against a white screen

Preserving a Legacy

Earlier this year, several semi-trucks rolled up to UVM’s Library Research Annex in Williston and disgorged more than 3,000 white cartons containing nearly 50 years of American history—the Leahy Archive.

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