Keeping Bees

Bee hovering next to clover flower

Sex has always been rather troublesome for plants. Pursuing a mate is hard when you have roots and no brain. When the first bees came to be, perhaps 125 million years ago, they took flight as botanical matchmakers—and remade the world.

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Yudi bennett and son Noah

Plot Twist

Reflecting on the fundamental allure that a career in the film industry held for her, Yudi Bennett G’74 confesses to childhood dreams of running away with the circus. Joking that she doesn’t have the athleticism of a trapeze artist, she offers that she does have one essential trait, a personality suited to the big top life on the road that the movie business offers.

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Orb weaver cows walking through a foggy early morning field

True to the Land

True or false: The stinkier the cheese, the better?

“I’d have to say false,” Andy Kehler ’93 says. “I love a lot of stinky cheeses, and some stinky cheeses can be really sweet and delicious, but some really taste like garbage.”

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Class sitting in a circle on the UVM Green in front of Waterman.

Test by Test, Week by Week

When college students returned to campuses nationwide for fall semester 2020, headlines soon told stories of outbreaks and second thoughts. But the University of Vermont, like our home state, has weathered the last several months with a far lighter COVID-19 impact than most, thanks to diligent institutional planning, student and community commitment, and a measure of good fortune.

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Sasha Meyer standing in front of a Mamava pod

Disruptive Design

Mamava headquarters at 180 Battery Street in Burlington exudes the energy and bustle you’d expect of a startup business. On a Monday morning last spring, Sascha Mayer ’93 settles into a quiet corner of a large, open workspace with a stunning view of Lake Champlain.

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