Game On

The humble origins of a revolutionary garment
Brandi Chastain in the 1999 FIFA Women's World Cup Final. (Photo: Getty Images Robert Beck)

2020 was an interesting year for fashion. Comfort reigned supreme across Zoom meetings far and wide, and pants were optional. For many women, the year brought fraught relationships with the bra to levels of resentment on par with the sixties. But their time-honored frustration is what also made it possible for 2020 to be a pretty great year for the sports bra.

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Denver, Colorado

Catamount Nation: Denver Edition

Granted, equating Burlington and Denver requires a significant multiplier on matters of elevation and population.

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Green field of wheat in Vermont

For Our Future

Sustainability. It’s in danger of being a buzzword. OK, fair enough, it is a buzzword. But can we agree it’s a buzzword that matters, one with critical consequence for our collective future?

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Yudi bennett and son Noah

Plot Twist

Reflecting on the fundamental allure that a career in the film industry held for her, Yudi Bennett G’74 confesses to childhood dreams of running away with the circus. Joking that she doesn’t have the athleticism of a trapeze artist, she offers that she does have one essential trait, a personality suited to the big top life on the road that the movie business offers.

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Class sitting in a circle on the UVM Green in front of Waterman.

Test by Test, Week by Week

When college students returned to campuses nationwide for fall semester 2020, headlines soon told stories of outbreaks and second thoughts. But the University of Vermont, like our home state, has weathered the last several months with a far lighter COVID-19 impact than most, thanks to diligent institutional planning, student and community commitment, and a measure of good fortune.

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