When you collaborate with UVM Innovations, we facilitate the entire commercialization process, including licensing, manufacturing, and marketing. Take the first step by contacting us today. For information about how our licensing process works, see How to License at the bottom of this page.

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How to License

Our flexible, responsive licensing process is designed to meet your individual needs. Typically, it follows this sequence of events:

  • After you contact UVM Innovations about an available technology, we put you in touch with the inventor and provide additional non-confidential information.
  • Under a confidentiality agreement, we provide information such as patent applications and new data generated.
  • Following your evaluation of the information, you participate in a conference call or meeting with the inventor and UVM Innovations.
  • You choose among several licensing options such as sponsoring additional research, asking the inventor to consult on research conducted at your company, pursuing an option to license based on future events, or licensing the technology in its current form.
  • We can structure a licensing agreement around an existing company or a new start-up company. Terms will depend on factors such as time to market, investment required to get the product to market, potential size of the market, and potential profitability.

UVM Innovations will do everything possible to expedite the technology transfer process.