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Over the last 10 years, UVM has helped launch over 30 new startups. Below is a selection of companies which were founded upon UVM technologies.

  • Benchmark Space Systems
    Small satellite propulsion products to support space industry growth.
  • E.A.S.Y.
    Affordable tactile drawing solutions for the blind and visually impaired.
  • Haematologic Technologies
    Manufactures high-quality, plasma-derived coagulation proteins, antibodies, factor deficient plasmas and blood collection tubes intended for in vitro research use.
  • MHISSION Translational Systems
    Customized solutions coordinating services provided to mental health- and substance abuse-involved people in the criminal justice system.
  • microGen
    Life-long, predictive maintenance sensor solutions for high-asset-value equipment suppliers and OEMs in mining, rail, heavy vehicles and other industries.
  • Mitotherapeutix
    Treatment for chemotherapy resistance and treatment for fatty liver disease.
  • Packetized Energy
    Makes electricity flexible with virtual battery software for the electricity industry so energy can be clean, affordable, and easy to use.
  • Patient Engagement Systems
    Tools to identify, manage and monitor patients with chronic diseases, specifically diabetes and chronic kidney disease.
  • Plomics
    Online interactive database — Tree of Medicine™ — featuring biomedical and medical information.
  • PoisedRealm
    Quantum reservoir computer that can be applied to drug discovery, computers, and artificial intelligence.
  • PreTel
    Perinatal monitoring and decision support solutions for all stages of pregnancy.
  • Quokka Labs
    Performing custom analysis of social network data to deliver solutions that directly meet client needs.
  • Savant HWP
    Addiction treatment drugs potentially effective against substance abuse, over-eating and other compulsive behaviors.
  • trUStr
    An intelligent SMS chatbot that provides coaching and rewards to help people make positive changes. Targeted at Healthcare and Corporate Wellness.
  • Vermont Natural Coatings
    PolyWhey® Wood Finish — a high-performance coatings technology that meets the highest environmental standards.
  • VisibleEP
    Educational tools to enhance learning of clinical electrophysiology through interactive modeling.
  • WISER Systems
    Systematic Expert Risk Assessment for Suicide (SERAS™) provides rapid, low-cost, high-quality risk assessment for suicide.

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