Phew - you made it through the lottery and registration and you've received your confirmation email. Now that that's out of the way - you might be wondering what’s next? There are still a few critical things you need to do to prepare for your trip in the immediate future:


It's possible you still have some additional forms to fill out, even after you complete your TREK Registration.  Some of our trips require an additional liability form or release form(s). You may also be interested in borrowing some equipment. Check below to see what we need from you:

If you are attending Canoeing TREK

Since you're attending a Canoeing trip, you also need to fill out this Canoeing Release Form (PDF). Forms can be faxed to (802) 656-7731 or mailed to the Department of Student Life at 590 Main Street, Room 310; Burlington VT 05405.

If you are attending Mountain Biking TREK

Since you're attending a Mountain Biking trip, you also need to fill out this Mountain Biking Release Form (PDF). Forms can be faxed to (802) 656-7731 or mailed to the Department of Student Life at 590 Main Street, Room 310; Burlington VT 05405


While specific gear related to your trip will be provided (kayaks, canoes, etc.), some of your own gear must be purchased and packed by you. For your comfort and safety (and the comfort and safety of your fellow TREKKIES), you will need all of the required items on this list. When you arrive for check-in, TREK Leaders will check your equipment and you will be asked to obtain any missing items prior to leaving for your trip.


It is our goal to make equipment available to those who need it. After reviewing the packing list for your trip please submit a gear form for equipment that you need to borrow. Please note that equipment is limited. Priority will be given on a first-come, first-served basis and to those receiving financial assistance.



Mark your calendars - TREK trip check-in is the morning of Friday, August 19, 2022 from 9:00 a.m. - 12 noon (EDT) at the Dudley H. Davis Center. Once you are checked-in you will be given time to access your residence hall to move into your room prior to heading out on your trip. You will have plenty of time to unpack and set-up your room when you return from TREK on Wednesday, August 24th.

We will send more detailed information about Arrival and Check-In to the e-mail(s) provided in the TREK Registration form.  You can also learn more about this process by reading through our Frequently Asked Questions.


All future correspondence about TREK will be through the e-mail address(es) you provided during your registration. This includes any requests for supplemental materials, TREK financial support notifications, and move-in logistics. We will also be sending a copy of these e-mails to your UVM email account.  All official UVM communications will be sent to your UVM account - so starting to check it now is a great habit to get into.


In the meantime, if you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns pertaining to the TREK program - please feel free to contact us at, or call (802) 656-2060 during general office hours. A majority of answers about our program can also be found on our website in our Frequently Asked Questions section and on our Preparing for TREK page.