Momo the Cat

Momo is a silly and rambunctious little kitty who just turned 1 year old on April 16th. She was adopted from Addison County Humane Society on 7/11/2020 (so yes, a quarantine cat!) and has brought so much joy to my life ever since.

Momo is deaf, but that does not stop her from loving her jingle ball (a cat toy with a bell inside of it) that she knocks around the house. We have found many a jingle ball underneath the stove and fridge…

She also loves to drop said toys down the stairs, runs back up, and repeats the process.

Momo also loves to meow loudly when it is dinner time and when it is time to get up (aka breakfast time).

I hope hearing about Momo gives you a giggle and joy (as much as she makes me laugh every day).

- Jamie Peterson, HR Customer Service Generalist

Momo the Cat