Deckard the Dog

Deckard is our young rescue, playful pup, and aloof roommate.  Not much is known about his mysterious first year of life on the streets of North Carolina – but he made the trip to Burly (with local rescue Passion for Paws) where he much enjoys daily romps in the snow and chewing on icicles in the winter – and splashing in the water in the summer. According the Doggie DNA test we did he’s 62% American Staff and 16% German Shepard, with a little chow and lab mixed in. We think there might be some kangaroo in there too…

He loves most things (including meeting new people on our walks and scent games) but dislikes the neighborhood Great Dane.  A lot. Like a lot a lot. We don’t know why.

Most days you can find trotting through downtown Burlington looking for compliments (he always gets them) and making new friends by jumping on them (even though his dads paid a lot of money to teach him not to).  Thank goodness for that handsome face.

- Cody Silfies
Assistant Director of Marketing
Department of Student Life

Deckard the Dog