Angel likes Wylie’s new bed.  He won’t lay with her so he will have to wait.  Angel is the queen at our house.  She has lived with us for 12.5 years and she is around 14 years old. She is always hungry (even five minutes after being fed) and will make sure you know it!  She does not appreciate it when we foster dogs or kittens for Potter’s Angels Rescue!

Wylie does like having fosters.  Wylie is an almost 5-year-old mixed breed (we’re sure there is hound in there somewhere!).  He has selective hearing.  We had to fence in our yard because he is very easily distracted.  Wylie moved here from Texas 2.5 years ago.  He likes Vermont summers.  He does not like rain or cold temperatures!  He’s lucky to have a fire burning almost all winter.  Wylie liked when mom worked remotely; now he goes to work with dad every day.

These two keep us on our toes.

- Shirley Pine, Executive Assistant to Randall Holcombe, MD, MBA

Angel the Cat and Wylie the Dog