Addona, Monti, & Rossignol the Cats

Addona, AKA Addie, the tiger cat, will turn four in fall 2021. She is a rescue from where she had been abandoned in Fairfax.

Monti (no AKA, just Monti) the beautiful steel-colored cat, will turn 6 in fall 2021. He found us at the former Farm & Home store in St. Albans, on loan from the Franklin County Humane Society.  He was our Halloween surprise as we brought him home on October 31st!

Rossignol, AKA Rossi, the tri-colored cat, at age 13 is our token Senior Citizen. She was our son’s “college” cat, but we took custody of her when he joined the Navy, and she’s never going back!

All three cats live with Callisto Belle (AKA Callie)

- Brenda Maglaris, Administrative Assistant, Controller's Office

Addona, Monti, & Rossignol the Cats