Most awards received in support of sponsored projects are eligible for a no-cost extension of time to the final budget period for the purposes of completing the sponsored project as originally proposed.

There are two options to have a no-cost extension approved:

  1. First Time No-Cost Extension applied to Federal Grants, authorized by SPA.
  2. Sponsor approved No-Cost Extension.


To initiate any type of No-Cost Extension, you will need to use the UVMClick - Request Award Modification activity. 

  1. Login to UVMClick
  2. Click the Grants Tab, click Awards, Search for the applicable award (By PI Name is probably easiest).
  3. Click on the "Name" (title) to open the record.
  4. Click the left side menu item "Request Award Modification".
  5. Complete the SmartForm, and click Finish.

The NCE request is sent to the assigned SPA Specialist who will complete the action.

For a more details refer to:

If you have any questions about the process, please contact your assigned SPA Research Administrator.