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COGR - Agency Guidance for Proposal and Award Management

COGR is doing an outstanding job posting Agency Guidance Specific to Proposal Submissions and Award Management. Rather than duplicate efforts please refer to the following COGR website.

Contact SPA

SPA services are currently all operating remotely.  We continue to process all proposals, agreements and awards. 

If you have any specific question about a grant, please contact your assigned SPA Research Administrator, or contact the following members of SPA’s Leadership Team, as appropriate. 


Can I pay my research staff during this time from my sponsored projects? As long as those employees are working on project activities, regardless of the location, salaries can be charged.  Some allowable activities may include data analysis, preparation of articles and papers based on the analysis of the research findings, monitoring subrecipients, COVID-19 planning and updating protocols, etc.

What if my research staff during this period go idle, can I continue to pay their salaries from grants? Yes, for the period April 13th - May 31st you may continue to use federal funded sponsored projects to pay for the project staff. If non-federal contact Brian.Prindle@uvm.edu to help may a determination.

Keep good records of COVID-19 impacts: As PIs identify impacts on their active awards (reporting, changes in ongoing or planned experiments, project timelines, ability to meet deliverables, etc.) they should contact SPA for guidance. 

When to Notify a Sponsor: For guidance see SPANews, COVID-19 - When and How to Notify Sponsors of Delays and Impacts.

Proposal Deadlines: While we have been hearing of flexibility from some sponsors, don’t assume any extension or deviations from posted deadlines. Double check sponsor websites directly for confirmation. Each sponsor will make determinations about proposal deadline extensions, reporting extensions and other flexibilities.  Please review the sponsor websites and issued guidance.

NIH RPPRs submitted in the Next 90 days (4/1 - 6/30):  NIH expects recipients to include a description of any COVID-19 effects and impact on research outcomes, as well as indicate that research outcomes are not available at this time. If that is case, recipients should outline when they believe they will be able to include details related to the disruptions to the research efforts.

You can find your NIH RPPR Due Date by using NIH Quick Queries.  Search by UVM IPF #: 8738101


Updated 3/21/22