Job Hazard Analysis

Each supervisor shall assess the task and/or workplace to determine if hazards are present, or are likely to be present. This job hazards analysis or assessment (JHA) must evaluate both the hazards to the individuals performing the work and the hazards to individuals who occupy the room or space where the work is being performed. The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) are available to assist supervisors with assessments.

Tasks which require a JHA include those:

  • That have caused injuries or illness or have been identified as nearly causing injury or illness;
  •  Have the potential to cause severe or disabling injury with minimal human error, especially those involving moving or rotating equipment, electrical energy, hazardous materials, or repetitive motions;
  • Are complex enough to require written instruction; and/or
  • Require the use of PPE.

Elements of Job Hazards Assessment

  • Identify Hazards: Observe the task being performed, list the individual steps and hazards associated with each step.
  • Specify Control Strategies: Hazard assessments must consider the use of engineering controls, such as ventilation or sound proofing, and the use of work practices, such as de-energizing power sources or containerizing chemicals, to reduce the hazards before assigning PPE.
  • Assign PPE: Each supervisor, based upon the hazard assessment, shall ensure that the appropriate PPE has been identified and is provided for and used by each user. The PPE must be the proper fit and design for the user and not interfere with the ability of the worker to work safely.
  • Document the assessment: Each supervisor shall verify that the required workplace hazard assessment has been performed through a written certification that identifies the workplace evaluated; the person certifying that the evaluation has been performed; the date(s) of the hazard assessment; and identifies the document as being a certification of hazard assessment.
  • A standard operating procedure, job hazard analysis, Chemical Use Planning Form, written procedure or protocol, or similar document each satisfies this requirement.

The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) are available to review hazard assessments and may identify other control measures to be implemented.  The JHA must be approved and signed by the supervisor or person conducting the assessment.



Written Program

List of Job Hazards Analysis (JHA)