About William Wargo

Bill Wargo, M.S.W., J.D., has worked as a social worker, an attorney, and a teacher in the Public Health field.

As a social worker, he worked with foster children and their families, counseled Bowery alcoholics, did therapy with drug addicts, assisted persons contemplating suicide, and provided help to disabled veterans.

As an attorney, he represented low-income people in New York City, aided prisoners incarcerated in New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility, provided legal counsel to the City of Winooski, and served as Legal Counsel to the Vermont Health Department for nearly 20 years.

He has also developed and taught five courses in the University of Vermont College of Medicine’s Public Health program.


  • PH306 Social and Behavioral Public Health
  • PH310 Public Health Law & Ethics
  • PH319 Environmental Public Health Law and Ethics
  • PH329 Global Health, Law, Ethics and Policy

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